IBM Websphere MQ Producer (Deprecated)


The IBM Websphere MQ Producer step allows Pentaho Data Integration to send text messages to any IBM Websphere MQ Server. For example, you could use the Producer step to define a transformation that for every update of a warehouse, posts to a IBM MQ queue that could launch another job that flushes an application cache.

You must be familiar with IBM Websphere MQ messaging to use this step. Additionally, you must have a running IBM Websphere MQ Server available before you configure this step. If you are using the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) to connect to IBM Websphere MQ Server, you must have the appropriate connection information.

IBM licensing prevents Pentaho from distributing the necessary IBM Websphere MQ Java libraries directly with the plugin software. You will need to locate and install these libraries before you use these steps. See the Installation section of Processing Message Queues with IBM Websphere MQ for further details.

License Information: Enterprise Edition only




Consumer Options

All options listed in the IBM Websphere MQ Consumer (Deprecated) step apply to the IBM Websphere MQ Producer step. In addition, the following options are also supported for the producer:

Header Properties

If the header properties file is specified, then the name/value pairs are submitted with the message text as JMS string properties. Read here for more information on how IBM uses message properties.

Is Field a Filename?

Enable if the message is based on a field name. In this instance, the contents of the file, (not the field name), are sent.

Context & Examples

Please see Processing Message Queues with IBM Websphere MQ