Add value fields changing sequence

Add value fields changing sequence

This step simply adds a sequence value which resets each time a value changes in the list of specified fields.

In the following example you can see the effect of having the sequence being reset to 1 every time the value in the "group" field changes.

The data typically arrives in an ordered fashion although that is not a requirement as long as identical values are grouped together in the data stream it will work fine.


Here are the options for the step:

  • Step name : the name of the step, needs to be unique in a transformation
  • Result field: the name of the output field, the sequence
  • Start at value: the number to start at each time
  • Increment by: the value to increase at each row in the same group
  • Init sequence if value of following fields change: you can specify a list of fields here.  If a value in one or more of these fields changes compared to the previous rows, the sequence will be reset to the start value.


See the following example(s):

 samples/transformations/Add value fields changing sequence - basic example.ktr