Secret Key Generator

Secret Key Generator

The Secret Key Generator step is used to create a random key, which can be used for symmetric encryption of data.

The following sections describe the available options for configuring the Secret Key Generator step.

Output Fields

Secret key field

Name of the field that contains the generated secret key

Algorithm field

Name of the field that describes the algorithm the generated secret key is used with

Secret key length field

Name of the field that described the bit-length of the generated secret key

Output key as binary

Enable if you want the secret key to be returned in the native binary form. Otherwise, the secret key will be encoded in hexadecimal form.

Secret Key

The step allows for the generation of multiple Secret keys, with one secret key per output row.


The name of the Cipher algorithm that should be used to generate the secret key.


The name of the Cipher Transformation type that you would like to use. Leave empty for the default value used with the Algorithm. A list of Cipher Transformations that are supported are available in your Java Runtime documentation. A default set of required Cipher Transformation types is available in Oracle Javadocs

Key length

The bit-length of the secret key to be generated. For DES, the Key length can be 56. For DESede (Triple DES), the Key length can be 112 or 168. For AES, the Key length can be 128, 192, or 256.

How many?

The number of rows that should be generated with these Secret Key settings.

Example Transformation