SSTable Output

(warning) PLEASE NOTE: This documentation applies to an earlier version. For the most recent documentation, visit the Pentaho Enterprise Edition documentation site.

The SSTable Output step writes to a filesystem directory as a Cassandra SSTable.



Step name

The name of this step as it appears in the transformation workspace.

Cassandra yaml file

Location of yaml file. A cassandra.yaml  file is the main configuration file for Cassandra and defines node and cluster configuration details.


Location to write the output to. This directory points to the target table to load to and must match the Keyspace field.


Name of the keyspace of the target table to load to. This name must match the Directory field.

Column family (table)

Name of the table to upload to. This assumes the metadata for this table was previously defined in Cassandra.

Incoming field to use as the row key

Allows you to select which incoming row to use as the row key. This drop-down box will be populated with the names of incoming transformation fields.

Buffer (MB)

The buffer size to use. A new table file is written every time the buffer is full.