XSL Transformation


This step performs XSL Transformations on XML.

XSLT is short for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, for more information on this, look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XSLT




Step name

Name of the step; this name has to be unique in a single transformation

XML fieldname

The name of the field that will contain the XML

Result fields : fieldname

The name of the output fieldname that will contain the XML after the transformations

XSL file

  • XSL filename defined in a field? : Use this option if your XSLT is defined in a field. 
    If enabled, you can specify the filename field below.
  • XSL filename : you can specify the XSLT filename here.
  • XSLT Factory : specify the factory to use for the transformations: JAXP or SAXON