Split field to rows


This step allows you to split a row containing a delimited field into multiple new rows, one per split value.
The original row is not delivered to following steps. The original field is left in each new row to assist in debugging or error handling.  It can be removed via a Select Values step if needed.

The original field must be a string field.
A new field name must be specified.
If the value type/format of the new row is not specified, the new field will use the same type/format as the original field.




Step name

Name of the step. Note: this name has to be unique in a single transformation

Field to split

The field you want to split


The delimiter or separator used. Special characters (e.g. CHAR ASCII HEX01) can be set with the format $[value], e.g. $[01] or $[6F,FF,00,1F].

New name field

The name of the new field


Look for this example in your PDI distribution:

samples/transformations/Split field to rows - basic example.ktr