Get rows from result

(warning) PLEASE NOTE: This documentation applies to an earlier version. For the most recent documentation, visit the Pentaho Enterprise Edition documentation site.


This step returns rows that were previously generated by another transformation in a job. The rows were passed on to this step using the Copy rows to result step. You can enter the meta-data of the fields you're expecting from the previous transformation in a job.

Note: This step produces one or more rows and can not be placed within a stream. It must be the first step in a stream since it produces rows. If you want to add these data to an existing stream, you need to use a join step




Step name

The name of this step as it appears in the transformation workspace.


Name of the field that contains the rows from the previous result.


Type of data.


For Number: Total number of significant figures in a number; For String: total length of string; For Date: length of printed output of the string.


For Number: Number of floating point digits; For String, Date, Boolean: unused.

Important: There is no validation performed on this metadata; it is intended as an aid during design.