Get a file with FTP


Use the Get a File with FTP job entry to retrieve one or more files from an FTP server. This job entry does not "crawl" systems. It will not, for example, access a remote directory and go to other directories to find files that match a wildcard. This job retrieves files from one directory exclusively.

Note: Some FTP servers do not allow files to be FTP'ed when they contain certain characters (spaces for example). Therefore, when choosing filenames for files to be FTP'ed, be sure to check upfront whether your particular FTP server is able to process your kind of filenames.




Job entry name

The unique name of the job entry on the canvas. A job entry can be placed on the canvas several times; however it will be the same job entry

FTP server name/IP address

The name of the server or the IP address

Server Port

Port number of the FTP server


The user name associated with FTP server account


The password associated the FTP server account

Proxy host

Proxy server host name

Proxy port

Proxy server port number

Proxy username

Proxy server account user name

Proxy password

Proxy server account password

Binary mode

Enable if files must be transferred in binary mode


The FTP server timeout in seconds

Use Active FTP connection

Enable if you are connecting to the FTP server using Active mode; you must set your firewall to accept connections to the port that your FTP client will open. The default is Passive mode.

Control Encoding

Encoding matters when retrieving file names that contain special characters. For Western Europe and the USA, ISO-8859-1 usually suffices. Select encoding that is valid for your server.




Remote directory

The remote directory on FTP server from which files are taken

Wildcard (regular expression)

Regular expression when you want to select multiple files. For example: .txt$ : get all text files A.ENG:0-9.txt : files starting with A, ending with a number and .txt

Remove files after retrieval

Remove the files on the FTP server, but only after all selected files have been successfully transferred

Move to Folder

Moves files to specified folder

Create Folder

Creates folder that will contain files

Target Directory

The directory where you want to place the retrieved files

Include date in filename

Adds the system date to the filename (_20101231)

Include time in filename

Adds the system time to the filename (_235959)

Specify date time format

Enable to provide your own date/time format; the default is yyyyMMdd'_'HHmmss

Date time format

Select date time format

Add date before extension

Adds date to the file name before the extension

Don't overwrite files

Enable to skip, rename, or fail if a file with an identical name already exists in the target directory

If file exists

Action to take if a file with an identical name already exists in the target directory

Add filenames to result

Enable to add the file name(s) read to the result of this job




Success on

Sets conditions of success

Limit files

Sets number of files associated with a condition of success

Socks Proxy




Socks Proxy host name


Socks Proxy port number


User name associated with the Socks Proxy account


Password associated with the Socks Proxy account