Bulkload into MySQL


This step loads data from a text file into a MySQL table.

See also the MySQL reference page for the generated LOAD DATA command. (MySQL 5.0)




Job entry name

The name of the job entry. This name must be unique within a single job. A job entry can be placed several times on the canvas, however it will be the same job entry.


The connection to the MySQL database to use.

Target schema

The schema of the table to load

Target table name

The name of the table to load into

Source file name

The name of the file to load


Check this if the file is local


The priority to load the file with

Fields terminated by

The field terminator to use

Fields enclosed by

The field enclosure to use

Fields escaped by

The escape character to use

Lines started by

The line start string to use

Lines terminated by

The line termination string to use


The fields to load, separated by comma (,)

Replace data

Check this option if you want to replace the data in the target data

Ignore the first ... lines

Ignores the first ... lines in the text file

Add files to result

Check this option if you want to re-use the filename of the text file in a next job entry.