Process result filenames


This job entry allows you to copy, move or delete a number of files and/or folders to alternate locations on your file system.

Note: The delete functionality is available since version 5.0. Before 5.0, this job entry was called Copy or Move result filenames.




Job entry name

The name of the job entry.
Note : This name has to be unique in a single job. A job entry can be placed several times on the canvas, however it will be the same job entry.


Choose Copy, Move or Delete

Destination folder

Define the target folder

Create destination folder

use this option to create the destination folder when it does not exist

Replace existing file

use this option to overwrite existing files

Remove source filenames from result

use this option to remove the processed filenames from the list of result filenames

Add destination filenames to result

use this option to add the the processed target filenames to the list of result filenames

Add date to filename

add the date to the target filename, e.g. yyyyMMdd

Add time to filename

add the time to the target filename, e.g. HHmmss

Specify date time format

allows you to specify your own date-time format, e.g. yyyyMMdd_HHmmss

Add date before extension

when this option is not checked, the date/time is appended after the file extension

Limit action to

Define include and exclude wildcards

Success on

Success condition : select one of these option:

  • Success when all works fine
  • Success when at least x files moved (specify x in the limit field below)
  • Success when number of errors lesser than  (specify the max number of errors in the limit field below)