Send Nagios passive check


This job entry allows you to send passive checks to Nagios. You can send monitoring information e.g. about start and end processes within your job.

It needs the NCSA addon installed on the Nagios server (NSCA is a Linux/Unix daemon allows you to integrate passive alerts and checks from remote machines and applications with Nagios. Useful for processing security alerts, as well as redundant and distributed Nagios setups.)

More details and setup instructions for the Nagios NSCA addon can be found at the Nagios Passive Checks documentation.


This job entry was first introduced in version 5.0 GA.




Job entry name

Name of the job entry; the name has to be unique in a single job.

Server tab


Host Name/IP Address

Nagios server name / IP Address

Server port

Nagios server port (often 5667).


The password to connect to the Nagios server NSCA (shared between the Nagios server and the client). This field can be set empty when connections without password are allowed.

Connection Timeout

Fail after the specified connection timeout.

Response Timeout

Fail after the specified response timeout.

Sender tab


Host Name/IP Address

Define your sender host name / IP Address.

Service Name

Define the service name used to log the events.

Encryption mode

Encryption mode for the connection.


Log level: Unknown, OK, Warning, Critical.

Message tab



The message to get logged.