Ping a host


You can use the Ping a host job entry to ping a host using the ICMP protocol. The result it true when the host is reachable, otherwise false.




Name of the job entry

The name of the job entry. This name has to be unique in a single job. A job entry can be placed several times on the canvas, however it will be the same job entry.

Host name/IP

The name or the IP address of the host to ping

Ping type

Classic ping: This calls the ping as a command line of the operating system. The result is true when no packets (defined in the "Nr. packets to send" option) are lost.
System ping: This option uses the Java implemented methods. The result is true when the host name can be resolved and the host is reachable within the given timeout period.
System ping then classic ping: try both options (first the system ping and when that fails, try the classic ping)

Timeout (ms)

The timeout in ms when the system ping option is used.

Nr. packets to send

The number of packets to send (by default 2, only used by the Classic ping option).