.04 SQL Editor

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SQL Editor

The Simple SQL Editor is good tool to use when you must execute standard SQL commands for tasks such as creating tables, dropping indexes and modifying fields. The SQL Editor is used to preview and execute DDL (Data Definition Language) generated by Spoon such as "create/alter table, "create index," and "create sequence" SQL commands. For example if you add a Table Output step to a transformation and click the SQL button at the bottom of the Table Input dialog, Spoon automatically generates the necessary DDL for the output step to function properly and present that to the end user through the SQL Editor.


  • Multiple SQL Statements have to be separated by semi-colons.
  • Before these SQL Statements are sent to the database to be executed, Spoon removes returns, line-feeds, and separating semi-colons.
  • Kettle clears the database cache for the database connection on which you launch DDL statements.


The Simple SQL Editor does not recognize the dialects of all supported databases. That means that creating stored procedures, triggers, and other database specific objects may pose problems. Consider using the tools that came with the database in these instances.