.05 Database Explorer

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Database Explorer

The Database Explorer provides the ability to explore configured database connections. The Database Explorer also supports tables, views, and synonyms along with the catalog and/or schema to which the table belongs.

The buttons to the right provide quick access the following features for the selected table:



Preview first 100 rows of...

Returns the first 100 rows from the selected table

Preview first ... rows of...

Prompts the user for the number of rows to return from the selected table

Number of rows...

Specifies the three digit client number for the connection

Show Layout of...

Displays a list of column names, data types, and so on from the selected table

Generate DDL

Generates the DDL to create the selected table based on the current connection type

Generate DDL for other connection

Prompts the user for another connection, then generates the DDL to create the selected table based on the user selected connection type.

Open SQL for...

Launches the Simple SQL Editor for the selected table

Truncate table...

Generates a TRUNCATE table statement for the current table.

Note: The statement is commented out by default to prevent users from accidentally deleting the table data.