The NuoDB Database Plugin

This plugin was added to allow Pentaho Data Integration users to connect to their NuoDB databases. It can be installed from the Pentaho marketplace under the Spoon Help menu.

JDBC Driver

In the event the current driver shipped with the plugin is not compatible with your version of NuoDB, you may copy the JDBC driver shipped with your version (e.g. /opt/nuodb/jar/nuodbjdbc.jar) and copy it to the plugin-lib directory renaming it appropriately to replace the existing JDBC driver shipped with the Pentaho plugin; the name of the JAR in the plugin-lib directory should be nuodb-jdbc.jar.

Performance Optimizations

To ensure maximum performance you may consider using the "client_tracking_settings=true" setting on the JDBC connection. This will ensure that any calls to get/setAutoCommit or get/setTransactionIsolation will cache the results and otherwise avoid unnecessary round trips to a transaction engine on subsequent calls if there is no net effective change.