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This page contains information regarding the Pentaho Data Integration Marketplace (available since PDI 5.0 GA)

Here is a demo from the initial version:

Selecting plug-ins to load from the Marketplace

Within Spoon 5.0, select Help / Marketplace and chose the plug-in to install.

Load missing plug-ins from the Marketplace

There is also an advanced functionality for loading missing plug-ins from the marketplace. In case you created a transformation with plug-ins from the marketplace and want to distribute it without the plug-ins: When you load a job or transformation with missing plug-ins within Spoon,  the user gets informed of the missing plug-in ids and gets redirected to the marketplace. So he can optionally download and install the missing plug-in.

How to submit your own plug-in to the Pentaho Marketplace?


  • Create a version.xml file (see on the pentaho/marketplace) and put the version.xml file into the root folder of your plug-in
  • Create a zip file with all your plug-in files included in a single root sub-folder that is named after the ID of the plug-in.
  • If your market entry contains various plug-ins, give the folder a unique name (see the other entries in the market to make sure). To make sure it is unique, you can use a combination starting with your domain name.
  • Put the zip file in a public place on the Internet (Pentaho is working on supplying an upload location)

Register your plug-in to the Marketplace

Alternative Marketplaces

You can create a file called


Here KETTLE_HOME can point at a Kettle installation, or the current user's home folder.  The marketplaces.xml file can contain an alternative set of marketplaces to use.  An example of such a file is located here:

Developer Information: Marketplace Plug-in

The source code for the plug-in can be found in the Kettle project at The plug-in is a "Kettle Core Plug-in".  The plugins/readme.txt file describes the architecture in more detail.

Please note that the source code for the "Market" plug-in does not have it's "src" and "test" folders specified as "source folders" in the Eclipse .project file.  If you wish to run Kettle and the plug-in in Eclipse you will have to specify the folders as source and have Eclipse build the project.  The readme file will have more information regarding running in Eclipse.