Wait for SQL

The Wait for SQL job entry scans a database and checks if the database meets user-defined conditions.



Job entry name

Name of this entry as it appears in the transformation workspace


Identifies the database connection to use

Target schema

Name of the table schema to evaluate

Target table name

Name of the table to evaluate

Success when rows count

Defines the evaluation method used to compare the number of rows with the given value


Defines the value used for the evaluation

Maximum timeout

After this timeout period, the job entry continues with a fail, by default, or success, if the Success on timeout option is checked

Check cycle time

Sets the amount time between evaluations

Success on timeout

Defines job entry success behavior when timeout is reached---when checked, reaching the maximum timeout limit causes the job entry to succeed. When left unchecked, reaching the maximum timeout limit causes the job entry to fail.

Custom SQL

Enables the use of custom SQL queries

Use variable substitution

Replaces environment variables in the SQL script with their actual value

Clear list of result rows before execution

Clears the list of result rows before running this job entry

Add rows to result

Includes returned rows to the result set