Our Solutions

Since 1985, Melissa Data has been providing scalable data quality and enrichment solutions from small to mid-size companies all the way up to Fortune 500 organizations. Because contact grows stale so rapidly the return on investment is immediate, and Melissa Data offers an industry leading 120 days ROI guarantee on all Pentaho plugin components.

Available plugins

  Contact Verification Component

  • Standardize, verify, and correct U.S. and Canadian addresses
  • Add County and census information.
  • Verify and normalize U.S. and Canadian phones on a 7-10 digit level
  • Parse names, genderize, and detect suspicious words or companies in name field
  • Geocode addresses by assigning rooftop lat/long coordinates
  • USPS CASS certified engine
  • Free trial available.

  IP Locator Component

  • Identify web visitor's geographic location
  • Contains comprehensive mobile IP location
  • Append Latitude, longitude, ISP, City, State, Country from IP Address
  • Free trial available.

  Global Verify Component

  • Verifies international addresses for over 240 countries.List of supported countries
    Parse address hierarchies and return mailing format
  • Transliterates many major character sets and displays output in either native or Roman characters
  • Geocodes international postal addresses by adding a latitude-longitude coordinate.
    List of supported countries
  • Parses and genderizes full names and standardizes company names
  • Verifies international phone numbers and appends geographic info
  • Parses, validates, and standardizes international email addresses (includes Real-time Email Mailbox Verification)
  • Free trial available.

  MatchUp Component

  • Identify duplicate and related records with Melissa Data’s deep understanding of contact data
  • Match records even with data inconsistencies
  • Allows users to define, customize , and cascade powerful match codes
  • Supports 16 State of the art Fuzzy Match Algorithms
  • Select the unique or winning record – known as the "Golden Record" (Recently added)
  • Consolidate duplicate records and data with “Survivorship” techniques
  • Free trial available.

  SmartMover Component

  • Process US moves in your database against the USPS NCOA Link 48-month change-of-address processing
  • Process Canadian moves through the 72-month Canada Post NCOA processing.
  • Generate USPS CASS 3553 forms for mailings. 
  • Free trial available.

  Personator Component

  • Verifies name corresponds to address, email, and phone data
  • Append missing names, companies, phone number, and/or email address
  • Append Latitude, Longitude along with County and Census data.
  • Free-form input allows for unparsed or un-delimited data.
  • Move update - Identifies moves with up to a 10 year history.
  • Append Demographic attributes like: Date of Birth, Household Income, Occupation,
    Length of Residence and more!
  • Free trial available.

  Property Coder Component

  • Comprehensive US property and mortgage data, with over 140 million records.
  • 12 main categories and 165 information fields available
  • Weekly data updates

  Business Coder Component

  • Comprehensive US Business Data
  • Append or Cleanse missing Business Names based on Address
  • Search for Businesses using the phone number, stock ticker, web address
  • Discover Business SIC codes, sales volumes, employee sizes, phone numbers, NAICS Codes and more.

  Profiler Component

  • Supports building a target schema dynamically with sizes, nulls, unique counts, length, and field identification
  • Over 100 Column and Table level metrics
  • Profile for Nulls, Blanks, Patterns
  • Allows regexes and error thresholds to be set for monitoring
  • Uses sophisticated matching to output fuzzy and exact match counts
  • Free trial available.

  General Cleanser Component

  • Rules based cleansing based on column values, regexes, or other rules.
  • Cleanse against pre-defined or user supplied knowledge bases.
  • Save cleansing rules and apply them to future cleansing initiatives.
  • Search & Replace functions along casing functionality

Download and Installation Instructions

  • Easily download and install the components in Pentaho PDI through the Marketplace
  • Must have PDI Enterprise Edition to run. For a Trial or to Purchase please reach out to Melissa Data.
  • Tested in Pentaho PDI versions 4.X/5.X/6.X with the Marketplace. May work in older versions/versions without the Markeplace. Please reach out to Melissa Data for help or questions.

    Note: On-premise full installs are also available. Contact or your Sales Representative for more information.

Additional Resources

For additional information, or to request a free trial, visit, a Melissa Data product specialist at 1-800-635-4772 ext.3, or email

Full Documentation for Melissa Data plug-ins for Pentaho PDI can be found in the Melissa Data Wiki