XBase Input


The XBase step makes it possible to read data from most types of DBF file derivatives called the XBase family (for example, dBase III/IV, Foxpro, Clipper, and more).


The table below contains options associated with the XBase input step:



Step Name

Name of the step; this name has to be unique in a single transformation


The name of the DBF file from which to read the data

Limit Size

Allows you to limit the number of rows read (optional)

Accept filenames

Allows you to read in filenames from a previous step in the transformation

Add rownr?

Adds a field to the output with the specified name that contains the row number

Include filename in output?

Allows you to insert a field containing the file name onto the stream (optional)

Character-set name to use

Specifies the character set (such as, ASCII, UTF-8) to use.


Allows you to preview that will be read.