01. Installing Kettle

(warning) PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial is for a pre-5.0 version PDI. If you are on PDI 5.0 or later, please use https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation.

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Choosing the Right Version

Pentaho Data Integration comes in two varieties:

  1. Community Edition (CE)
  2. Enterprise Edition (EE)

For more help in selecting the appropriate edition for your needs, see "Why Choose Enterprise Edition?"

Installing Kettle

You can download Pentaho Data Integration Community Edition from Sourceforge.net.

For the Enterprise Edition, please use the Customer Support Portal, or go to http://www.pentaho.com/download/ for an Evaluation copy.


PDI requires the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7. You can obtain a JRE for free from Oracle.


PDI does not require installation. Simply unpack the zip file into a folder of your choice.

On Unix-like operating systems, you may need to make the shell scripts executable by using the chmod command:

cd data-integration
chmod +x *.sh


PDI comes with a graphical user interface called Spoon_,_ command-line scripts (Kitchen, Pan) to execute transformations and jobs, and other utilities.

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