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http://pentahochina.comThe most active and social community in open source business intelligence would like to meet you. Many people from all over the world have asked how to start a local Pentaho User Group (PUG) and others are just doing it on their own. PUGs bring together, in person and online, local user communities to share best practices, foster innovation, network and build relationships with like-minded individuals.

To be very clear - It is the desire of Pentaho Corp to have an active and vibrant community of PUGs that are self organized and operated by the community, for the community. In this context, community DOES include partners and customers. This is NOT a Pentaho Marketing initiative and Pentaho will not be organizing or managing the groups. Pentaho and our marketing dept will help with the promotion of PUGs and meetings but the effort required to be successful needs to come from the local community.

This page is the home to Pentaho User Groups and is the place to find information about Pentaho User Groups, let others know about your group and find answers to questions related to starting a group of your own. Check the list below to see if there is a PUG near you. If not, check out PUG Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) to learn more about what the Pentaho User Groups are all about and how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

Known PUGs (If you have started a PUG, please update this page or email

Established Local Groups:

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New Groups:

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Online Groups:

Proposed Groups:

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