Pentaho Data Access

Pentaho Data Access

The Pentaho Data Access project is a general architecture for easy creation and usage of data throughout all Pentaho's BI software. The project aims to offer easy to use creation tools so users can quickly gain access to a large variety of data, as well as easy to use APIs so that many projects can access that data in a secure way.

Documentation Links

Architectural Documentation coming soon.

Core Contributors

James Dixon
Will Gorman (
Aaron Phillips
Ramaiz Mansoor
Nick Baker

Source Code Access

To access the source code, follow the instructions below:

This project is cross cutting, and exists in multiple SVN locations. The primary locations of development include the Metadata project as well as the following data access plugin to the BI Platform:

Project Backlog

  • CSV and Excel Data Access
  • Thin XUL Database Dialog
  • Ad Hoc Reporting Integration
  • Action Based Security
  • Direct SQL API Access for BI Platform based plugins (CDF)
  • Data Access in Report Designer
  • OLAP Data Access

Past and Current Development Sprints

Simplifying Data Access - Sprint 1 - April 20 to May 8
Simplifying Data Access - Sprint 2 - May 20 to June 10
Simplifying Data Access - Sprint 3 - June 12 to July 2