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Pentaho Reporting

With the Pentaho-Report-Designer you can create report-definitions in a graphical environment. Reports are usually published to the Pentaho-Platform, which allows you to manage, run and schedule the reports you created. If you are new to Pentaho-Reporting, you probably want to start with the Pentaho Report-Designer.

Internally, reports are executed by the Pentaho Reporting Classic Engine. Pentaho Reporting encompasses more than two dozen software projects that facilitate creating and publishing data-driven business reports. If you are a developer or power user, the book "Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers" (by Pack-Publishing) provides a great reference guide for all your needs.

Pentaho Reporting - User Guide for Report Designer

The user guide provides end-user oriented documentation centred around the Pentaho Report Designer.

Pentaho Reporting Developer Documentation

Use this documentation if you are a Java developer.

Enterprise Edition documentation

Enterprise Edition customers have access to the following professionally written, tested, and actively maintained Pentaho Reporting documentation in XHTML format through the new Pentaho Knowledge Base, or in PDF format through the Help menus of the appropriate software:

  • Pentaho User Console Enterprise Edition Guide
  • Pentaho Enterprise Edition Administrator's Guide
  • Pentaho Report Designer User Guide

In addition to these comprehensive guides, there are also support articles and tech tips available through the Knowledge Base.

For Pentaho Community Edition users, this Wiki and the Pentaho Forum are the two best resources for Pentaho Reporting documentation and support. The below-listed articles were contributed by Pentaho employees and open source community members.

Contributing community documentation

All registered users are able and encouraged to directly fix any errors and eliminate any omissions in this Wiki. Feel free to contribute information or instructions for any topic relating to the Pentaho Report Designer, ad hoc reporting, the Pentaho Reporting engine, Metadata Editor, or Design Studio. However, unless it's specifically a sub-topic of an existing article, please create all new pages relating to Pentaho Reporting as children of one of the below topical pages, and all articles pertaining to Metadata Editor and Design Studio as children of those sub-pages.

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