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This job entry goes over a list of files to see that if they are locked by another process.  The way that it verified is by renaming a file to the same name as before.  On certain operating systems (MS Windows systems in particular) this operation will fail if the file is locked.


Here is a screenshot of the job entry:

And here are the options



Settings: Include subfolders

Enable this option to also check files in subfolders of specified folders

Settings: Copy previous results to args?

Pass the result rows of a previous job entry execution to the files list of this entry.


Here you can list a series of files or folders with wildcards.  The wildcards are Java Regular expressions. For instance .*\.txt would check any file with a .txt extension.
Please note that you can use the Delete/Edit buttons to edit the list.
You can also use the File/Folder and Wildcard entries right above the list to add new entries, browse for files and so on