Table Exists (Job Entry)


Use the Table exists job entry to verify that a specified table exists on a database. You must provide a connection and the table name. Pentaho Data Integration returns a True or False value depending on whether or not the table exists.

Suppose you have an external system that creates a summary table or yesterday's data extract. The external system may not have performed the action yet, so you set up a polling piece that waits for the staged data to arrive in the database. There is no point in processing the job until the data is available, so you can use this job entry as a semaphore that polls the database to determine whether or not the table exists.

Note: This job entry performs one check and then moves on. If you want to poll until the tables appear, use the Wait for File or Wait for SQL job entries which have a polling interval parameter.




Job entry name

The unique name of the job entry on the canvas. A job entry can be placed on the canvas several times; however it will be the same job entry


The connection to use

Schema name

The schema name if applicable to your database

Table name

The name of the database table to check