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The Send message to Syslog step allows you to send message logging to another server. The Syslog standard permits separation of the software that generates messages from the system that stores them and the software that reports and analyzes them.




Step name

The name of this step as it appears in the transformation workspace. This name must be unique within a single transformation.

Server name / IP address

Defines the server name or IP address of the Syslog server.

Server port

Defines the server port of the Syslog server, by default 514


A facility level is used to specify what type of program is logging the message. This lets the configuration file specify that messages from different facilities will be handled differently. The list of facilities is defined by RFC 3164.


Select your priority/severity level (defined by RFC 5424).

Add hostname to message

Adds the hostname to the message.

Add timestamp to message

Adds the timestamp to the message.

Data pattern

Define the Date/Time format for the timestamp

Message field name

Select the fieldname that has the message to send to the Syslog server

Actual limitations of the implementation

  • Syslog step does not error out when the message can not be delivered (PDI-11532)
  • Syslog step does not allow to set different server configurations since it uses only one instance for multiple steps (see PDI-11542)