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This step allows you to load data into an Infobright database table.

Important Note for Windows users:
If you want to use the InfoBright bulk loader step under Windows, make sure to copy one of either file to your Windows system path (for example %WINDIR%/System32/):

  • libswt/win64/infobright_jni.dll (Windows 64-bit)
  • libswt/win32/infobright_jni.dll (Windows 32-bit)




Step name

The name of this step as it appears in the transformation workspace.


Drop-down menu which allows you to select the appropriate Infobright database connection. Note: List is populated only once a database connection has already been established; if no database connection has been established, this list will be blank.

Infobright product

Select which version of the Infobright product you are using; Enterprise (EE) or Community (CE) edition.

Target schema

The name of the schema for the table to write data to. This is vital for data sources which allow for table names with dots (".").

Target table

Name of the target table.

Character set

The used character set.

Agent port

Specify the port of the database.

Debug file

This step generates a debug file, this option allows you to specify the name of the debug file.