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This step updates cell values in a Palo cube

Note: As a prerequisite, you need to place the palojlib-x.x.x.jar into the /lib folder. The library (palojlib) is included in the Jedox installation, and is also available as part of the Jedox SDK.




Step Name

Name of the step; the name has to be unique in a single transformation.


The Palo connection to use


The cube to load

Default Measure Type

Data type of the value to be loaded

Update Mode

Can be either set or add.  In "set" mode, values are overwritten.  In "add" mode, values are added
to existing values.  Note:  When the update mode is "add", the Splash mode "set" can not be used.

Splash Mode

Can be one of the following options (Also see Palo documentation on splashing):
1.  Disabled - Splashing is disabled and an error is returned if a consolidated element is being updated.
2.  Default - Splashes value to child elements.  See Palo documentation for different conditions.
3.  Add - Adds the value to each of the child elements.
4.  Set - Sets the value to each of the child elements. Can not be used in combination with Update Mode "add".

Commit Size

The cube is updated in batch. 
The commit size is the maximum number of cell values that will be committed in once batch.

Clear Cube Before Load

If selected, the cube is cleared of all data before new data is loaded

Enable Dimension Cache

Dimension element lookups are stored in local cache for reuse in subsequent lookups. 
This reduces the number of calls to the Palo server to increase speed.

Pre-load Dimension Cache

Loads all dimension elements into local cache before the data load starts. 
Only one call is made to the Palo server for each dimension to load all dimension elements into cache. 
This greatly reduces the number of calls to the Palo server while looking up dimension elements.

Field List

Maps input fields to dimensions and the cube value.
The dimension element name in the input field will be looked up in the linked dimension.

Get Dimensions Button

Populates the field list with all dimensions linked to the specified cube.

Clear Dimensions Button

Clears the field list

Field List

Maps input fields to dimensions and specifies the input field to use for the value.



Read Only


Dimension name; or
on the last line the Cube Measure.



Input field with dimension element names; or
on the last line the data value to update the cube with.