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This step creates new dimension elements and consolidations if they don't exist.  It also updates existing consolidation factors.  All rows needs to be read before updates take place since all rows are needed to calculate consolidations.

Note: As a prerequisite, you need to place the palojlib-x.x.x.jar into the /lib folder. The library (palojlib) is included in the Jedox installation, and is also available as part of the Jedox SDK.




Step Name

Name of the step; the name has to be unique in a single transformation.


The Palo connection to use

Create New Dimension

If the dimension doesn't exist, it will be created.  If it does exist, this option is ignored.

Recreate Dimension Before Load

Drops and recreates a dimension before load.  It is a quick way to clear the dimension as deleting all elements from a dimension can be slow depending on how
many elements the dimension have.  Recreating the dimension requires that the dimension isn't linked to any cube.

Clear Dimension Before Load

Deletes all elements from a dimension.  This can be slow for large dimensions.

Clear Consolidated Elements Before Load

Deletes all consolidated elements before a load.  Useful to recreate consolidations only.

Enable Cache

Dimension element lookups are stored in local cache for reuse in subsequent lookups. 
This reduces the number of calls to the Palo server to increase speed.

Pre-load Cache

Loads all dimension elements into local cache before the load starts. 
Only one call is made to the Palo server to load all dimension elements into cache. 
This greatly reduces the number of calls to the Palo server while loading elements to increase speed.


The dimension to load

Default Element Type

String/Numeric.  Default element type for each element.

Field list

Maps input fields to update dimension elements and consolidations.

Get Current Level

Populates the current field list

Clear Levels

Clears the field list

Field List

Field specification to update dimension elements and consolidations.  Lower levels are consolidated into parent levels with the specified consolidation factor.  All elements at Level 2 will be consolidated into elements at Level 1 etc.



Read Only

Level Number

Level number


Level Name

Name to give the level



Input field to update the level


Consolidation Factor

Input field to specify the consolidation factor with parent levels.
If no field or '-default-' is specified, the constant value of 1 is used.